About Me


I am so incredibly humbled and full of gratitude that you would take the time to visit my website.  I am honored you stopped by and let me welcome you to my page. 

Things have been a bit of a whirlwind lately to say the least, and I owe that all to the good Lord and the amazing people I have been so blessed to surround myself with. 

Along with my faith, my number one priority in life is my family.  I know a lot of people say how incredible their husband is, but there is no doubt that if it wasn’t for him there is no way I could be where I am today, hands down!  I have been blessed with four of the most amazing children, three boys and my baby girl.  Though I consider being a mom a full time job and it is my passion, I also love what I do and that is a family tradition.


I started working with my hands when I was just a kid with my father.  He was a prime example of "anything is possible". I was so sure growing up that all dads were like that.  However, today I am very humbled and fortunate to say my dad was an exception, not the rule.  Not only did he work 24/7 to provide for our family, he was my own personal superhero, there was literally nothing that man couldn't do. (At least in my eyes) 

I feel like every time I finish a renovation, a project, or even a prayer, I can take a step back and I know he played a part in it.  I guess you could say it's my goal to carry out his legacy.


My first career choice was attending a Real Estate course, mainly because everyone else thought I would be great at it, and  I quickly took a job with a home builder as a sales rep.  Though I learned a lot, I was always wanting more, overtime turned into me selling houses, designing houses, decorating houses, and eventually one day when my builder walked a job site, I began running the construction as well!!!  It is true there are very few females in this role, however I looked at it as it gave me an edge as opposed to being a struggle. 

Five years later when the housing market crashed in Texas I took the opportunity to broaden my horizons in the commercial market.  This seemed easy enough, but it split into two areas both are something I am very passionate about – even to this very day. First part: I am so proud to say I am Vice President for a restaurant group called Yucatan Taco Stand.  Second part, and shhh it’s a secret, this is my favorite: is the design and build phase. 

I have worked on some great properties which include: 

- Gas monkey Bar and Grill 

- Yucatan Taco Stands (5 so far) 

- Texas flip and move  

As well as numerous residential renovations and new builds.  Even looking forward to starting my own home soon!  

The one thing that is a must with all my renovations is to Reclaim materials and incorporate them into all finish outs!   

Much Love,